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Product CN-8345 - 10Base-T & 10Base-FL 16-Bit AT ISA NIC with RJ45 and ST/SMA Connectors

   The CodeNet-8345 is a 16 bit 10BASE-T and 10BASE-FL combination Ethernet network adapter for the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus. This adapter operates in either 8-bit or 16-bit ISA slots or in any EISA slot. The board design allows the adapter to map its on-board RAM directly into the host system's main memory (shared memory mode), or to use a Base I/O address for network adapter data transfer (NE2000 + mode).
   CodeNet-8345 ISA adapter provides a high performance, fiber optic link to an Ethernet network segment, based upon the IEEE 10BASE-T and 10BASE-FL standards. The 10BASE-FL specification also includes backwards compatible with the earlier Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link (FOIRL) IEEE standard. Using the fiber interface, workstations can be more than 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) from the hub. The twisted pair network interface provides a link to the hub that can extend 100 meters (325 feet). CodeNet -8345 10BASE T/10BASE-FL/FOIRL cards are compatible with other 10BASE-T, FOIRL, or 10/BASE-FL products and can be used in an open systems environment with other manufacturers' hubs and repeaters.


  • Twisted Pair and Fiber Optic Ethernet interfaces in one adapter, connects an ISA computer to any 10BASE-T; 10BASE-FL or FOIRL Ethernet segment.
  • Dual-ported 16-Kbyte shared memory or Base I/O board access for exceptional performance. No DMA channels required.
  • Software support for popular network software systems, including: Novell NetWare 386, Microsoft LAN Manager (NDIS), Windows for Workgroup, Windows NT, Novell's UnixWare, Solaris 86, IBM's OS/2, SCO and Banyan Vines.
  • Operates in either 8-bit or 16-bit ISA slots or in any EISA slot.
  • Fully compatible with the IEEE 802.3 10BASE-FL; 10BASE-T and FOIRL standards.
  • Computers can be more than 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) apart using the 10BASE-FL interface, and at least 100 meters for an Ethernet hub using the 10BASE-T network interface.
  • Built-in Link Integrity, Reverse Polarity indicators and optical "idle" signal enhance data integrity, simplify problem resolution and allow simple measurements of transmitter power for testing fiber cable links.
  • CodeNet-8345 adapters are fully compatible with other 10BASE-T, FOIRL or 10BASE-FL products and can be used with other manufacturers' concentrators and repeaters.

  • Specifications

    Hardware Compatibility: IBM PC, PC XT, PC AT, PS/2 (non-Micro
             Channel bus), EISA bus or other compatibles.

    Bus: 16-bit/8-bit, autosense

    Standards: IEEE 802.3j (Section 18--10BASE-FL)
             IEEE 803.3i (Section 15--10BASE-T)
             CSMA/CD Ethernet, 10Mbps baseband
             FCC Class B

    Interfaces: Duplex fiber optic cable with bayonet type
             ST connectors, standard.
             SMA Optional.
             R J-45 Twisted Pair interface.

    LAN Software: NetWare Server 286, 386, (3.11; 3.12; 4.0);
             NetWare IPX, DOSODI; OS/2 Client; NDIS
             Client and Server 2.0.1 & 3.0 (LAN Manager
             / IBM LAN Server and Banyan Vines client);
             DEC Pathworks for DOS, Release 4.x (NDIS)
             & Release 3.x (.DLL driver) FTP Packet
             Driver (PDS); PC-NFS; SNMP Agent for ODI
             and NDIS; SCO Unix/Open Desktop; Solaris
             2.x; UnixWare; Vines Server (SCO);
             Wollongong TCP, OSI,FTR

    Card Compatiblity: SMC/WD 8013EB; Novell NE2000 Plus

    Technical: 16KB RAM for increased performance
             Transmit and Receive FIFO Ring
             I/O Base Address
             Base Address: Seven (240; 280; 2C0; 300;
             320; 340; or 360) in software selectable
             Memory Address: A0000-FE000
             Interrupt Channel
             IRQ 2~9, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 15.
             RAM Base Address
             A0000 through FE000 (hex) increments.

    ROM Size
             32 Kbytes
             ROM Base Address
             CO000 through DC000 (hex)
             Transceiver Transmitter: CodeLed high
             radiance edge-emitting Aluminum Galium
             Arsenide Light Emitting Diode (LED);
             Receiver: Silicon PIN-type Photodiode.
             Optical Wavelength
             830nm + 20nm, peak.
             Cable 50/125, 62.5/125, 85/125, or 100/140
             duplex, multimode, graded index.

    Physical: Board Size
             Plugs into an expansion slot in any IBM PC,
             EISA bus, PC XT, PC AT or non-Micro
             Channel PS/2, or their compatibles. 9.9 cm
             (3.9 in.) x 22.9 cm (9.0 in.).

             Operating Environment
             0°C to 55° C, 10-90% humidity,

            1.0A @ +5V, 0.3A @ + 12V, typical

    Optical Transmitter Power:#

    Peak Power Output Into:
             62.5 µm core fiber: -12 dBm
             100 µm core fiber: -11.5 dBm
             50 µm core fiber: -15.5 dBm
             Receiver Sensitivity: -27 dBm

             Optical Flux Budget Info:
             62.5 µm core fiber: 15 dB
             100 µm core fiber: 15.5 dB
             50 um corefiber: 11.5 dB
             Dynamic Range: 18 dB
             Maximum Cable Length: 4500 meters *

    # Typ. power measured at 25°C, 50% duty cycle.
    * Limited by IEEE 802.3 roundtrip delay time, flux budget permitting.

    Diagnostic Indicators:
            Low Light--Yellow

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