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100 Mbps Product Introduction

Data Base Access Systems / Codenoll is pleased to announce a new line of products that support 100 Mbps data rates. The first member of this product line is a PCI bus network interface card (NIC) that communicates at a data rate of 100 Mbps per second, and supports the CodeStar line of passive fiber hubs. Existing users can now upgrade their 10Mbps networks by simply swapping out the older 10mbps cards with the new 100 Mbps NIC. The 100Mbps card is available in various models, that includes support for multi-mode, and single mode fiber with various connectors.

Other members of the 100Mbps line will include various converters and a managed HUB/Switch, the 26K series, which will support multiple CodeStar Hubs for large distribution networks.

In addition, the new 100Mbit line supports a communication method that allows a new version Hub, the CodeNet passive hub, in a network topology that has application in a server based large area network. Users on the system are isolated on the uplink data stream, making snooping security codes and other user supplied data impossible. Of course, the same immunity from electromagnetic interference and security apply. Cost savings for Fiber to the home applications, are realized by a 32 user per CodeNet Hub concentration and the passive nature of the CodeNet Hub.

A new, multi purpose appliance targeted for the fiber to the home market will compliment the 26K series switching hub and CodeLink® communication protocols.

Remember both CodeStar and CodeNet Hubs have NO electronic components and require no power, which further enhances the reliability of the network.

P r o d u c t   H i g h l i g h t s

Passive Technology

Available models to support existing fiber and CodeStar CN-20xx Hubs.

NEW long haul and managed hubs; coming soon.

NEW Server based DLAN (Distributed Large Area Network) DataSecureTM architecture support for MSO's and similar applications is being developed using a new hub, the CodeNet passive hub.

Please visit this page frequently for further announcements and specifications as the product nears production release.

CodeLink®, CodeNet® and CodeStar® are registered trademarks of Codenoll.

For more information, or, to inquire about application questions, please email us at Info@dbasinc.com

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