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    Data Base Access Systems provides top-of-the-line networking products for every type of network. We offer cutting edge technology that suits even the most sophisticated of networks.

  • Passive Ethernet NIC's - Types of Network Interface Cards (NIC's) that allow one to connect to a network using an open expansion slot. Passive NIC's communicate to passive Hubs which do not require any power whatsoever. These are by far the most reliable Hubs available today.

  • Active Ethernet NIC's - Types of Network Interface Cards that are compatible with other active Hub systems. Active NIC's require power at the Hub.

  • Hubs - The center of a star topology network or cabling system. The most important piece of equipment in a network, the hub is essential for every network. It is where all connections are made.

  • Switches - Segregate the traffic on the various network connections.

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  • Product Updates - Get the latest on product modifications in addition to information on up and coming products .

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