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Looking for an affordable, hassle-free LAN for a remote office or small business?

DBAS enables you to configure a fiber optic high-speed data network with proven technology at a lower price than any other fiber or copper solutions.

Our patented Passive Fiber Optic LAN architecture provides a low-cost fiber optic network using the popular star topology. DBAS offers the only passive optical Ethernet Network Interface Card in the market today. For the past 15 years, our CodeNet Architecture has been providing 10 Mbps passive optical local area networks to military and commercial users. Now it is available to everyone.

CodeStar Hub Layout

- The CodeStar passive fiber based Ethernet network is scalabe to 4-, 8-, 16- and 32- port configurations
- CodeNet NICs interface with the CodeStar Hub via multi (50 or 62.5 micron) or single mode fiber
- Network range (NIC to NIC) is 1.6 km

The DBAS Advantage

Low Cost
- Our CodeNet network interface cards use LEDs, which are substantially more cost-efficient than laser-based NICs
- Our CodeStar Passive Hub uses optical splitter/combiner technology. With no optical to electrical conversions, the hub requires no power - for lower total cost of ownership

Highly Functional
- DBAS LANs comply with the standard 802.3 protocols and contain the full functionality needed to operate a true Ethernet network
- Our patented collision technology enables true peer to peer relationships
- DBAS passive fiber technology has a range of 1.6 km - far greater than copper, and suitable for warehouse and campus situations
- Our CodeNet NICs operate with Microsoft Windows, Novell, TCP/IP, and other popular system software and OS interfaces
- The CodeStar Hub technology supports WDM and VPNs

- Because the hub requires no electrical connections, it is compact, lightweight and can be installed virtually anywhere
- The small office configuration is scalable, with up to 32 users per hub, and easily expandable to a multi-hub configuration

- Because the CodeStar Hub is completely passive, it virtually eliminates the single point of failure inherent in active star networks
- The CodeStar Hub can be installed in hostile environments such as telephone poles and building ducts
   - Without lightening protection
   - Temperatures of -40O to +75O C
   - No heat, no power, no fire hazard

Passive Fiber Optic Ethernet LAN’s are beneficial in:

        Disposing Of Downtime – To achieve greater reliability, LAN managers spend considerable money on redundant power supplies and redundant processors for complex intelligent hubs. They hope they will be able to reduce the mean time to repair via hub management systems. Little or no thought is given to the inherent ways in which copper wire and active hub systems fail vs. the inherent reliability of fiber optics and 10Base-F passive optical hubs. Unlike an active hub, a passive optical hub has no power supply or active parts to break down, no fuse to blow, and no software to get infected. Passive hubs can be placed in steam tunnels or above acoustic tiles in fresh air plenums because they require no electrical power, no ventilation, and no cooling. Because it consists of glass fibers and heavy-duty connectors in a steel box, a passive hub cannot start a fire or burn.

        Immunity To Outside Interference – Unlike copper wire, fiber optic LANs are immune to all forms of Electro magnetic interference, whether it be from an electric pencil sharpener, machinery, a copier, fluorescent lights, a personal computer, an X-ray machine, ground potential differences, or lightning. Likewise, since fiber is immune to electromagnetic noise, a passive hub will not introduce errors into the data stream or cause faults on the network. As a result a passive hub can be placed on transformers, next to machinery, or in sensitive medical areas.

        Cost Of Errors – Many copper-wire Ethernet networks run slowly because of retransmissions due to bit errors caused by electromagnetic interference. When these copper-based LANs are replaced with 10Base-F fiber optic Ethernet LANs, there is greater throughput because fiber optic LANs are free of these errors.

(Excerpts taken from “Why Fiber Will Fly” commentary, written by Michael H. Coden, co-founder of Codenoll Technology Corporation.)

Other DBAS Applications

Large LANs and WANs

With our new 100 Mbps SmartSwitch, any DBAS LAN can be upgraded to:

- Support up to 24 hubs and 744 users
- Combine passive fiber, copper and/or active fiber networks, either for long-term integration or migration
- Connect with other networks via 1-2 one gigabit single mode fiber ports

Smart Switch Layout
Fiber to the Home

Our same DBAS SmartSwitch, CodeStar and CodeNet architecture can be used by:

- Cable operators or network service providers to bring fiber to individual residences
- Building owners to provision multiple dwelling units with fiber

With up to 192 users per SmartSwitch, the DBAS solution can solve today's access delivery bottleneck and bring much talked about applications home.
DBAS Codenoll
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