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Product CN-8310 - 1 port 10Base-FP, to connect to a CodeStar Passive Hub, ST/SMA


   The CodeNet-8310/8312 MultiStar Module allows the user to directly link a passive fiber optic network segment to a Codenell MultiStar/3Com MultiConnect Ethernet active star. The Codenet-8310/8312 is completely compatible with IEEE 802.3 hardware and software and is plug-in-compatible with the MultiStar Repeater. The Codenet-8312 is also backward compatible with earlier Codenell fiber optic products.
   The CodeNet-8310/8312 MultiStar Module provides for direct interfacing between an individual fiber optic network segment and a MultiStar Repeater, The 8310/8312 Module contains an integrated fiber optic transceiver which eliminates the need for separate fiber optic transceivers.
   The CodeNet-8310/8312 Fiber Optic Repeater Module also contains front panel status indicators and manual reset/partition controls for quick diagnosis and resolution of network problems.
    The CodeNet-8310/8312 is used with a CodeStar passive fiber optic star (which constitutes an optical segment). The CodeNet-8310/8312 includes built-in collision detection, and a fiber break feature for improved network reliability and performance. Once a fiber break has been detected, the CodeNet-8310/8312 automatically partitions itself from the rest of the segments and when the problem has been resolved it will automatically reconnect the fiber segment.
    The CodeNet-8310/8312 also contains a switch selectable test circuit, which allows it to be used as a light source for network testing of the fiber optic cabling. The CodeNet 8310/8312 Module is also capable of asserting the "Jabber" function when a faulty controller is detected. The unit will automatically partition itself from the error-free segments and will automatically reconnect when a fault condition no longer exists.
   When a segment is auto-partitioned, its partition LED glows continuously. Once a segment is autopartitioned, the segment is sampled every 400 msec by transmitting a 523 bit packet called a "bleep." if the "bleep" packet is transmitted success fully without a collision, the segment is reconnected. The partition LED then begins flashing, indicating that the problem has been resolved. The reset switch on the front panel clears the LED and does not affect the segment's operation.


  • Links a Codenell passive star network segment to other Ethernet segments.
  • Automatic fiber break detection (when used with passive star).
  • Onboard "Jabber" function indicates faulty controller.
  • Electrical interface to Codenell MultiStar/3Com Multi-Connect system.
  • Onboard transmitter test function (switch selectable) may be used as light source for network testing of fiber optic plant.
  • Automatic/manual partitioning (when faulty) with automatic/manual reconnection.
  • Onboard "bleep" function facilitates network problem diagnosis.
  • Full optical collision detection.

  • Specifications

    MultiStar Module Network Standards:
    IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Ethernet 10 Mbps baseband
    Electrical Interface:
    Module for Codenoll's MultiStar or 3COM MultiConnect Ethernet active star
    Optical Interface:
    Duplex fiber optic cable with bayonet type ST connectors standard; screw-on SMA connectors optional
    Partition Switch:
    Manual Partition
    Reset Manual Partition
    Clear Auto Partition Indicator
    Internal Option Switches: (factory settings in bold)
    Break Detect (On/Off) SQE-Heartbeat (On/Off) Point-to-Point Mode (On/Off) Jabber Reset (Auto/Manual) Test Mode (On/Off)
    CodeLED high radiance edge-emitting Aluminum Galium Arsenide (AlGaAs) Light Emitting Diode (LED)

    Silicon PIN-type photodiode

    Optical Wavelength:
    830 nm +/- 20nm, peak

    Cable Sizes:
    50/125, 62.5/125, 85/125, or 11/140u m duplex, multimode, graded index
    Board Size
    4.7in. W x 12.0in. L(12cmx30cm)

    Operating Environment
    0°C to + 55°C, 10 to 90% humidity (non-condensing)

    700mA @ +5V; 40mA @ +12V, typical

    8 oz. (226 grams)
    Optical Specifications:
    Peak Power Output Into:
    62.5 µm core fiber: -9 dBm
    100 µm core fiber: -8.5 dBm
    50 µm core fiber: - 12.5 dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity: -37 dBm

    Optical Flux Budget Into:
    62.5 µm core fiber: 28 dB
    100 µm core fiber: 28.5 dB
    50 µm core fiber: 24.5 dB
    Dynamic Range: 18 dB

    Maximum Cable Length Star: 800 square meters

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